Experience two hours of a real night adventure in the rainforest with Doc Frog ( Cesar Barrio-Amorós), a biologist specialized in tropical reptiles and amphibians. You will have the opportunity to learn and discover some nocturnal animals such as snakes, glass frogs, poison frogs, treefrogs, but also spiders, insects and much more. Ask for availability.    

The hike is easy and it is good for kids too.

What to Bring?

Flash light, long pants , long shirt ( only in rainy season ), bottle of water, camera

What include?

2 hours of hike, bilingual specialize Tour guide, boats, flash light I you need it  .

How much is it?

U$50    kids under 10 years old  U$40   

What time star?

From 7pmto 9 pm  at San Josesito village ( need 4×4 access)

Please ask in advance for availability and if you require transfers service

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