Pre Columbian Rainforest Experience – US$50

This hike is a perfect combination of rainforest ecology and pre-Columbian history. Though there has never been an official archeological study of the pre-Columbian habitation of this region, a vast amount of evidence indicates that a large population of indigenous people once lived here. On the Pre-Columbian Rainforest Experience, you will see petroglyphs, cemeteries and other evidence of early human habitation.

During most of this hike, you will be in the primary rainforest. Your bilingual naturalist guide will teach you about the tropical rainforest while at the same time painting a picture of the life of the people who inhabited this region hundreds of years ago.

Duration: 5 hours
Times: 7:30 AM, Monday to Saturday.
Limit: 8 persons
Minimum: 2 people.

Open to: solo, couple, and groups

Prior booking required.

Price: US$50 per person

Pre Columbian Rainforest Experience Tour