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Arriving at the San Jose International Airport

Before flying into Costa Rica please check if you are eligible for entering the country. For me I had to show a separate Covid-19 insurance covering any expenses in case of infection. Those requirements can change from week to week so make sure to check the official website “” for further information.

If you are lucky enough you´ll arrive during rather slow business hours and will get through security etc. quick. Once you have passed that it´s time to get to your next destination. At the airport I used the free Wifi and downloaded the Uber App, which is very useful in the San Jose area and way cheaper than normal taxis (the price for Uber can be half as much as the one of normal taxis). I stayed a night in a hostel in San Jose (“TripOn Open House” – can only recommend if you are travelling on a budget and don’t have luxurious standards).

Side note: Uber itself is not officially legal in Costa Rica and often Taxi drivers will yell at you and try to intimidate you when using the application. Just ignore them and go your way, they will forget about you in a second.

When you order an Uber at the airport it will pick you up on the main street near the bus station (The main street with the bus stop is right in front of the airport and you can’t miss it).