Punta Uvita Beach and the Whale’s Tale: Take a 25-minute walk from the center of Uvita to Punta Uvita Beach at ebb tide to discover the famous whale’s tail sandbar. Enjoy walking through it to the point and dip in the warm, quiet waters at either side of this amazing formation.

Arco Beach: Accessible only at low tide through Ballena Beach (at Km 169). It offers a great combination of cliffs, primary forest, and caves. A beautiful spot to see Ballena Island and enjoy the sunset.

Ventanas Beach: Located about 15 km south of Uvita (before Km 174). Small, u-shaped beach with two caverns formed on the rock by the breaking waves. Great for swimming and playing with boogie boards.

Waterfalls and swimming holes

There is a beautiful waterfall 2 km from the center of Uvita. Start at Banco de Costa Rica and go straight ahead to the east. This fall is on the road up the hill right after Uvita’s graveyard.

There is also a nice waterfall and swimming hole in Dominicalito (15 km north of Uvita). It is on the road running behind the soccer field of Dominicalito, up to Escaleras. Ask locals for Poza Azul.

Self-guided activities

For a small fee of $6, you can hike on the trails of Rancho La Merced Wildlife Refuge. Here you can spot a great variety of wildlife (birds, mammals, insects, and reptiles) and experience different  habitats: primary and secondary forest, mangrove, pasture, river, and beach.

For a similar fee, you can also hike on the rainforest trails of Hacienda Baru Wildlife Refuge and visit their birding tower and their orchid and butterfly gardens.

Ask for other beautiful, hidden spots at Uvita Information Center.