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Playa Uvita and the Whale’s Tail: Take a 25-minute walk from the center of Uvita to Playa Uvita during Low-tide to discover the famous whale’s tail sandbar. Enjoy walking over it to its peak and dip in the warm, quiet waters at either side of this amazing formation. My Tip: If you book a tour (whale watching, etc) starting at Uvita beach the cost will usually include the entry fee of 6$ for the beach (there is an entry fee for Playa Uvita because it´s part of the National Park) and after the tour you can stay on the beach as long as you like. If you decide to go to the beach and pay there for the entrance please keep in mind that only payment with a credit card is accepted.

 Arco Beach: It offers a great combination of cliffs, primary forest, and caves. A beautiful spot to see Ballena Island and enjoy the sunset. The easiest way to access the beach is to call a Taxi driver and ask him to drop you off at Arco Beach. They will drop you off at the entry point (which isn´t easy to find if you aren´t a local). After the drop off find the trail for the 10-15 minute decline down to the beach. My Tip: Be there for Low-tide and you will be able to walk through a natural cave at the left end of the beach and explore the adjacent beach that is unreachable during high-tide.

!Insider Info!: Acro beach was the location were the end scenes of Mel Gibson´s infamous movie “Apocalypto” was filmed.

Playa Hermosa: My favorite beach. Located just a 5 minute drive from Uvita Center between Uvita and Dominical. No entry fee and a lot of shade if you need to escape the sun for a bit. Perfect conditions for your first surf lessons and also for more experienced surfers. For a surf lesson you can send a text to Josue on WhatsApp. He is a certified Surf Coach and works from Hermosa beach most of the time(+506 8465 6820).

If you want to check the tides for any beach in Uvita there is a website you can use: