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  • Do I have to speak perfect Spanish?
    • Costa Rica is one the most advanced countries in Latin America concerning education. Therefore a lot of people will have a basic English knowledge. However learning the Spanish basics or constantly trying to improve your Spanish skills is always a good idea. Locals will be more open towards you and you will have a far better culture experience.
  • Can I pay with US$ or do I have to exchange my money for Colones?
    • You don’t have to exchange the US$ they are also accepted as payment. I personally like to keep Colones because smaller businesses usually tend to only have local currency for change which makes the transaction easier for you and the seller.
  • Is it dangerous for foreigners to go out at night?
    • In Uvita I always felt safe. Most of the street are illuminated by streetlights and people tend to mind their own business. However I can can´t stress enough to keep your valuables out of sight and obviously don´t start bragging with money in front of people you don’t know. Just act normal and friendly and you will receive the same treatment.