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Sport Activities

My favorite activities here in Uvita have been going to the beaches and doing sports. There is a small gym 50 Meters next to the corner of the restaurant “Maracuya”. For 1.000 Colones (CRC) you can have a workout there. It´s by far not the most modern gym, but you will have everything you need. I used to buy a monthly pass for 12.000 CRC for my time here. Next to the gym there is a synthetic soccer field. Sometimes there is also a volleyball game on the field. If you are interested in playing a soccer game or join the volleyball game just talk to Milton (the guy in charge of the gym and the field).

At Playa Tortuga there is a friendly volleyball game on Sundays. If you´d like to check it out you can get in contact with them through facebook:

And if you prefer to play Softball you can join their facebook group as well to find out the location and time for games: