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Waterfalls and swimming holes

Catarata Secreta

Catarata Uvita

There is a beautiful waterfall 2 km from the center of Uvita. Start at Banco de Costa Rica and go straight ahead to the east. This fall is on the road up the hill after Uvita’s graveyard. Slide or jump down this beautiful waterfall for your daily dose of adrenaline. You can also relax at the swimming hole and enjoy your day. The entry for this waterfall will cost you around 2.000 CRC. For more info you can also check their Facebook page:

Catarata Secreta

“The Hidden waterfall” as it is known by the locals. Not very easy to find, but totally worth the search. If you can know someone who already knows this spot you should definitely ask them to take you there. I personally prefer this waterfall to the Catarata Uvita because it´s not only free of charge but also offers a beautiful and intimate connection with the nature around you. Also since mostly locals know this spot it was never crowded when I went there. In fact most of the time me and my friends had this spot all for ourselves.

Now how do you finally get there? I´ll try to describe it to you as good as possible: First walk or take a Taxi to the bamboo forest. It´s on the same way as the Catarata Uvita, but instead of going left up the hill after the graveyard you will continue to follow the road straight until you reach the forest. From there you will walk for 10 minutes until you reach a river that you have to cross. Afterwards you follow the road on the other side with a farm to your right and the river to your left. At the end of that road there will be natural steps down to the river which you also have to cross for a second time. Once you crossed it you have to climb over the rocks that are there leading you into the forest. One or two minutes in you will be able to spot the waterfall.